Square Foot Gardens.

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Make your own square foot garden!


You will need:

4 four foot long 2″x 6″ boards

12 wood screws

Wire mesh  4′ 6″ x 4′ 6″ 

 4 four foot 1″ x 2″ boards


Seeds (of your choice) 


1. First you will need to assemble your garden box, using the 2″x 6″ boards and screws.

2. Next, fasten the wire mesh, we suggest chicken wire, to the bottom of the box

3. Fasten the 1″x 2″ boards to the top of the box, spaced evenly to divide the box into 16 square foot areas.

4. Add the soil of your choice to the box! We suggest using Fox Farm Coco Loco, this blend of coconut coir is nutrient packed and blended with the finest ingredients available. The fibers in Coco Loco can hold up to three times their weight in water, providing good water retention as well as good drainage, perfect for water conservation.

5. Plant your seeds!

6. And watch your garden grow!



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