How late is too late to plant?

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Calculating your last possible seed starting date:

Find out how many days the seeds will take to germinate. (A)

Find out how many days from transplant to harvest. (B)


You can normally look on the back of the seed packet to find  this information or you can look it up online.

Find out the average date of first frost in your area. (D)

Take the frost date (D) and count backwards the amount of days from seed to harvest (C). This will give you the latest date you can start specific seeds and have a successful harvest.



1. Germination takes up to 10 days (A).

2. Transplant to harvest takes up to 100 days (B).

3. Total days required from seed to harvest: 10+100=110

4. First frost date is September 30 (D).

5. Count back 110 days from September 30 is June 12.

This means that the sees should be planted no later than June 12 if the first frost is September 30. 

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